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"Hunter Ahead" signs on Public Hunting Lands

Guys –


Here is a thought I had about hunters that hunt public land… if you are walking in on a path or buggy road and are hunting just ahead, it might be great to have a small sign (perhaps on a metal post) that you can place in the path that states “Hunter Ahead – 200 yards” or something to that effect… you might even put a Cyalume stick on the sign so that is was illuminated.


This could create a situation where a hunter that did not know where you were  - but knew you were just ahead as the result of the sign - would simply go hunt another area and not disturb you…


I see a sign in restaurants that might also work for this – it is a yellow fold out sign (sort of a tripod or bi-fold type sign) that states the floor is slippery…


This will not stop all hunters – they may continue on anyway – but it will certainly stop the respectful ones… it would stop me just because I do not want to ruin my hunt either.

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I learned along time ago not

I learned along time ago not to let other hunters ruin your hunt or get you down if you see other guys moving around while hunting state land.

It would be nice to have some private property, but I can say that I have really enjoyed meeting some good guys hunting on state land and yes there has been a few bad guys "idots" but even hunting some private property we have run into some real "idots".

I have hunted state land all my life, you show me a guy who kills big bucks on state land and I will think he has better woodsman skills than a man with a prime piece of private land. And I can say the state land that I gun hunt up north, there is hundered's of acres of land and if you don't see any deer, some of that is because hunters don't hunt like they used to, now they walk to there blind and back. When you have so many acres it helps to have alot of the guys moving around or still hunting other wise some of them deer would never have a reason to move.

I wouldn't use the signs and I can say most guys I know that hunt hard try hard to hide there tracks........ But I have seen alot of guys put up orange ribbons around there area and can say I feel if you did a study on that, I would put money that the hunter who put up signs or orange ribbons would be bothered more just because most hunters are lazy and want to counter ofF some one else if they can, just my feelings. And I could see guys trying to leave there signs up to keep there spot.



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