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Hunt Rio Grande turkeys that have never been called to before!!!!

I was fortunate enough to be able to start hunting wild turkeys in 1974 at the age of nine. Forty two years later, I have been able to harvest gobblers in 7 states. I especially enjoy taking friends and clients hunting and sharing the experience I've gained from many experienced turkey hunters as well as hundreds and maybe even thousands of turkeys. Hearing that first gobble of the morning truly is my greatest passion. In 2014, I was searching for a place to take 5 customers hunting where they could harvest the Rio Grande subspecies for that leg of their NWTF Grand Slam. Through a friend, I found a farmer about 70 miles from San Antonio who booked a limited number of hunters on several properties he manages. While this farmer is very active in guiding deer and whitewing dove hunts, he does not know much about turkeys and their season coincides with many of his farming duties. He offered an unguided 2 bird hunt with access to several private "pastures" that had not been hunted in the last two seasons. It turns out that the only 2 "pastures" we hunted were 1250 and 675 acres, respectively.

I just spoke with that farmer and he has had two groups who have had family emergencies and have had to cancel their hunts for the season. That leaves him with a need to fill some hunts for the remainder of season that lasts through May 1. He has offered me the opportunity to book and take some hunters for him throughout this season and for seasons to come. For the last two years, there have been bumper crops of jakes (immature gobblers) that are now two and three years old. Throughout the fall and winter, he has regularly watched groups of 20-25 mature gobblers on each of his 10 properties. Five of these properties haven't been hunted on in over 2 years and 3 more were not hunted last season. While there are as many turkeys here as I have ever encountered, they are still wild and nothing is guaranteed. I can only speak from experience and convey that in the 10 years this farmer has been selling turkey hunts, not one hunter has gone away without the opportunity to harvest a bird.

I am an ethical hunter who has chased gobblers for 42 years. Many of those years, I was only able to hunt one or two weeks with a one bird limit, and I have harvested in excess of 100 mature gobblers. I've easily called that many in for others from handicapped hunters, to kids, to experienced hunters. In all my years, this is the best place I have ever turkey hunted. If you've never been to the brush country, you owe yourself a trip that you will never forget. 

If interested, give me a call at 281-318-8678.