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A hunt to remember

It's been several seasons since but, we were talking about it the other day.

We were up in northeast Wa. hunting on a mutual friends acreage for one of those wily and very cautious turkey that we all find so challenging.
This paticular season we were bowing.
That particular morning. We gathered our gear and headed out the door.
We got no farther than the barn and there they were. Out in front of the barn eating the grain for the chickens.
Well, the partner in mention. We'll keep him anonymous. Set an arrow, drew back and upon his release he fumbled a bit with the string.
The arrow made contact with the turkey's lower leg. Which started him hobbling around. He never did go to wing. Just hobbled around.
After two more failed attempt at a moving target. the anonymous hunter gave up out of frustration.
We were all laughing so hard that no one was interested in shooting at any of the birds. We were having more fun watching our fellow hunter.
To make a long story short.
That turkey hobbled around the property, eating the grain, for two seasons. Made himself a pet and found a home. Until, one day he wasn't around anymore.

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