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Hunt of a Lifetime

Growing up in a poor home, I was never afforded the luxury of going on any exotic hunts.  After getting married and settling down into the life of a school teacher, I still didn't have the money to explore distant places and hunt expensive animals.  I was content to hunt the big game animals around me.  That doesn't mean I didn't have some fun hunts and didn't enjoy what I was doing.  I really did!  It just meant that I didn't think I could afford a great hunt.

Then in the late 1980's, I put some money together and decided to do my "hunt of a lifetime".  I booked a self-guided caribou hunt to a remote area of Alaska.  We flew to Anchorage, then down to King Salmon and finally out of Naknek by float plane to a small lake out on the tundra.  I'll never forget sitting there beside that little lake thinking that this was my "hunt of a lifetime".  How could it ever get any better?  And it was a great hunt.  I have a nice caribou hanging on my wall to prove it.

But after you go on one "hunt of a lifetime", you can't get it out of your system.  I had to do more.  Since that time, I've been on several "hunts of a lifetime" and each time I wonder how it can get any better.  My buffalo hunt in Montana was one.  My moose hunt in Alaska was another.  My mountain goat hunt in Washington.  My red stag hunt in Germany was still another.  And how do you beat my hunt in Africa?  All this to ask the question.... is there really a "hunt of a lifetime"  Or is my lifetime made for hunting?

My question to you, What would be your "HUNT OF A LIFETIME"?  Where would you go and what would you go after?  Maybe this has been covered on this forum before, but it's always fun to dream and tell others of your dream.

I'll start this..... my hunt of a lifetime would be a Muskox hunt in the Arctic.

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You had to bring up Muskox

You had to bring up Muskox didn't you. Thumbs up   

That is another one of my "should I go hunts" that I am looking at.  I saw a lifesize mount on one and that got me to thinking. 

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one word

I have just one word for you Critter......  "GO"!

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If funds ever permitted it

If funds ever permitted it would be cape buffalo, no question. Although I doubt that will ever happen it great to dream and I have other plans similar.

I do look at every hunt as the hunt of a lifetime though no matter what it is. I know I could go on better or more exotic hunts if I was willing to skip some of the smaller one I do now. But I won't as I enjoy them all so much. Just a couple of years ago getting a whitetail buck had been a lifelong dream. Now I'm making it an annual hunt.

There will be bigger and better in the future but I'm pretty happy right now. Wyoming antelope every year, Texas deer,hogs, turkey and now our second free range aoudad trip planned. All my Colorado hunts, and some plans for Az and other places as well. All mostly low cost alone but add up to a lot. Plus I get to hunt with my dad and son which I could not do if I went for one of the big ones. 

Again I'm pretty happy the way things are but will continue to dream.

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Hunt of a Lifetime

Every hunt is the hunt of a lifetime for me.

Each gives me expiriences and sensations that I can acquire in no other way. One hunt that I have yet to expirience, and have dreamed about since childhood, is Cape Buffalo with a handgun. My buddy took his Cape with a bow and arrow, his dream, and I have to get mine.

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Your post got me thinking, and I had to start with what defines a "hunt of a lifetime."  On basically every hunt, I feel like I create memories for a lifetime, but what distinguishes a hunt of a lifetime?  I think it really comes down to scarcity of opportunity.  If the opportunity for the hunt is limited by atleast one of several factors, then it is a hunt of a lifetime.  The primary factors would probably be:

1.  Strict tag limits with extreme drawing odds

2.  Budget constraints

3.  Time constraints

4.  Other circumstances (e.i. hunt with someone special (Grandpa, Dad, Uncle, etc.), unexpected free access to private property, unexpected hunting partners, etc.)

Factors 2 and 3 are the easiest, most obvious, most common, and highly correlated, thus the hunt does not have to be for an exotic species, in a unique location, etc., as other members have pointed out.  Factor 4 is a convenient catch-all for a hunt that we stumbled into, enjoyed immensely, and never had the opportunity to duplicate.  The species being hunted is possibly correlated to every one of these factors, or it is entirely irrelevant.  Since it really only requires one of these factors, conterintuitively, it makes sense that we all likely have had/will have multiple hunts of a lifetime, if we think about it long and hard enough.  

That being said, I don't think I truly have a single future goal for a "hunt of a lifetime."  I have a couple hunts on my radar that could definitely be hunts of a lifetime.  I finally have even started taking steps towards actually getting to do a few of those types of hunts.  To start with, I started applying for Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep, and Moose here in Colorado.  Even though those are in my state, the scarcity of tags qualifies those hunts as lifetime hunts.  

I have been giving more thought to Caribou, Moose, and Grizzly Bear in either Canada or Alaska, and due to budget and time constraints, each of those hunts would be a lifetime hunt for me, particularly if I managed to combine two of those in the same trip.  I am not yet very interested in hunting exotics.  That may change with time, but I am just not there yet.  

Arrowflipper, this topic is definitely fun to think about, and congrats on being able to notch more than one hunt of a lifetime!

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My hunt of a life time is a

My hunt of a life time is a little different.  Mine is for the Super slam of all 28 North American and make Pope And Young for all of them!  It is a hunt that very few are able to do and it is always a new Trophy.

But If I just had to pick one it would be A Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt with My dad by my side.  

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All my limited excursions

All my limited excursions into new places after new animals I concider my hunts of a lifetime. The hunt I would most want, though I know I will never be able to afford it, is to chase a kodiac in Alaska. I guess that would be the ultimate for me. Probably have to find a corner somewhere to lay down and die afterwards because I cant image how life would get any better after that.

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