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Like others have said, it's a

Like others have said, it's a tradeoff between good weather but short hair on an early hunt and possibly bad weather and long hair on a late hunt.  When you're talking only 9-10" horns, the long hair is a big part of the trophy.

I got snowed out on my first goat hunt and ate the tag. 

My second goat hunt was closer to home and I was able to go there throughtout the season.  Early in the season I scouted but left my tag at home so I wouldn't be temped to shoot one with short hair. 

When I finally shot my billy it was November 14th and it was -15* F and there was over 2' of snow on the ground.  It took me over 3 hours to climb up to him where it only took one hour earlier in the season.  But he had his full winter coat. 

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I've only drawn one goat tag

I've only drawn one goat tag in Colorado and went with the early season because of concerns of to much snow in the later one.

In the end it didn't matter because although I saw many I never could get close enough to a good one to fill the tag.

Oh well, another 15 years and maybe I'll get another tag. lol

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Its amazing how outfitters flip flop on this topic.

I was told by our outfitter in the Yukon on my sons August Moose Hunt that because they were so far north the Billys would have nice coats.

I was told by the outfitter in British Columbia I booked with for this October that I would shoot a full coat Billy because he was high in elevation and October 1st would produce the best coat.

I was told by my Stone Sheep outfitter that he's in Northern British Columbia and his Early September coats on the Billys are the same as an October coat on a Billy in Southern British Columbia.

Personally, for me, this is without a doubt a Full Mount Animal for the Trophy Room and for what I'm spending it better have a full coat!  I don't plan on doing this hunt more than once.