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Hunt Club Openings - Washington County GA

Hey Folks -

There will be openings in my brother Ronnie's hunt club in Washington County Ga for 2011.

The openings will run June to June, so you would hog hunt in summer, deer and hog hunt in the fall (both 2011) and turkey hunt in the spring of 2012.

This is 390 acres of prime middle Georgia farmland - privately owned land (not timber company) and it is about 1/2 woods and 1/2 agriculture.

It is bordered on one side by the Ohoopee River.

Drop me a pm or give me a call at 803.479.8975 and I will put you in touch with Ronnie.

The dues are generally about $750 depending on how many members they have - which is usually about 7 to 8.



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