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Huge poaching ring broken up

Officials from both Tennessee (TWRA) and Ft Campbell announce that they've made three arrests (a fourth to follow) in the poaching of what's been termed "hundreds" of deer off of Ft. Campbell. As you might imagine the charges these dirtbags are facing are both serious and multiple.  (please be sure never to call a poacher a "hunter"!)

Pictures in the newspaper show a lot of mounted trophy sized deer that have been seized. 

This type of thing is simply disgusting to me. What type of person tresspasses to shoot a deer illegally and then seeks to show it off. I will post a link to an article if I can locate one. That should not be too difficult as this was front page news in our local paper. 

Here's the link:


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It's good they got caught.

It's good they got caught. They sure took out some good bucks, though. Keep us up to date on the trial and sentencing.

Can out-of-staters hunt on Ft Cambell?

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This is great news and I am

This is great news and I am glad to hear it. It is a win for all law abiding and ethical hunters. I hope that the judge lights up these idiots with the maximum penalty allowable under the law. It is all too common for judges to let poachers off too easy. I do not get why so many judges do not throw the book at these dirt bags. A list like this --trespassing on a military installation, hunting without a state license, not having permission of the land owner to take big game, 16 counts of illegal taking of game, not wearing hunter's orange, 16 counts of taking wildlife by an improper method, providing a false official statement, violation of the Lacey Act, and unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon-- deserves a heck of a lot more than the minimum penalty. The pictures of the bucks are insane! I can not believe that they were able to poach that many great bucks. Well maybe it isn't all that hard if you are taking advantage of the game populations and poaching them. I am glad to hear that they got caught.

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Glad to hear thatbthey got

Glad to hear thatbthey got busted...hope they throw the book at all of them.  Always hate to see the ethical hunters get a black eye from these moroons.

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Wow, definately some good

Wow, definately some good bucks in there!

Just sick that they can do this, to this extent, and only now get caught.  That's alot of dead deer.

Hopefully they will get slammed, but as usually is the case, they will probably get a minor fine and no jail time.  Ugh!