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Hoyt Razortec

Hello Im looking for a new bow .Ive hunted with a jennings apex for several years and i just cant get the pass throught shots i used to.So i went to the bow shop today and checked out a new hoyt Razortec.I know very little about hoyt but ive heard some good reviews about them.What im looking for is a small bow maybe 32 or 33 inchs axle to axle or shorter but very fast and dependable for about 500.00 bucks.I really dont like (pse) because ive had one bust in my hands (WHILE DRAWN ON A NICE 8 POINT)anyway any suggestions on any brand of bow would be appreciated. thanks

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Hoyt Razortec

i would go with a diamond or a bowtech or ross( bowtech 82airborn) (diamond marquis) (ross carnivor)

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Hoyt Razortec

I would expect to find reviews on ANY bow manufacturer about one coming apart whether its PSE, Bowtech, Diamond, Ross, Mathews, the list can go on......they ALL can come apart if not adjusted correctly, taken care of, abuse, etc.

As far as the Razortec goes, I thought they quit making that bow! My brother shoots a 2003 Razortec and it's a GREAT bow for the price you can get them these days. VERY competitive, VERY forgiving, and VERY easy to adjust with that Cam & 1/2 that never needs timing!

I'd say get that Razortec..........

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I shot a Razortec....Had to

I shot a Razortec....Had to put it away for a few years but I drew my elk tag this year.  Got it out of the case, cranked the poundage back up and it was right on.  Haven't had to adjust a thing.  If the one your looking at has the original string I would replace it.  The factory string that came on these bows was horrible.

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