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How would you hunt this area?

Here is a rough map of the area I'm hunting (*edited - replaced picture with a better satellite image*):

Got my first buck (a small 4 pointer) at spot 3. Got my second buck (a small 8 pointer) at spot 2. Got my 3rd buck (an average 8 pointer) at spot 1 last year. The woods with spots 2 and 3 are a heavy traffic area for deer, the ground is literally tore up with deer prints and there's so many rubs I quit counting last time I was in there. A bowhunter has a stand near spot 3 & has pulled 16 pointers out the previous 2 years. Last year, I saw a huge buck coming into the woods from the north at spot 2 just before shooting time on opening day but he was moving too fast and it was too dark to get my scope on him. That was the only buck I saw for 2 days, so I switched to spot 1 and got my deer.

There's also signs of large bucks in and round the CRP and the pond, so I know they're out there as well.

Would you continue to hunt spots 1, 2, or 3? Or try the potential spot 4s? What environmental conditions would lead you to one place or the other? (ie - weather, wind direction, lunar phase, etc)

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