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How is the Whitetail hunting in the Upper Missouri River area of Montana?

I'm considering a trip to hunt Whitetail deer in the Upper Missouri River area of Montana. Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Fort Peck Reservoir and Upper Missouri River Breaks Monument lands are the public access areas I'm looking at. Can anyone tell me how the Whitetail hunting is and what I can expect for trophy size?  Also, what kind of hunting pressure do the areas receive? I'm considering a week long float trip down the Missouri for the hunt. Just figured it would be different than just driving the back roads and glassing like everyone else. Where can I find the WT deer in these areas? Any suggestions, tips or first hand experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't know about the

Don't know about the Missourri River, but I have always wanted to hunt the Milk river area.  Montana is some beautiful country, with some beautiful deer!

I am assuming that since you are looking on what appears to be public land, you are going to plan a DIY hunt and not use an outfitter?