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How Much would you pay

How much would you pay for a boar hunt at a hunting camp. I took this week and received some prices on boar hunts. What would you pay, and where would you go?

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How Much would you pay

I got on ebay and got a good deal on a hog hunt. Also most farmers in texas hate hogs so if you know off any one that has cattle down there that would be about the cheapest.

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How Much would you pay

Most likely I would head to Texas-
most hogs,cheaper prices-
some "hunt" camps charge $1.00/lb + guide fee
and you need to watch the hog- some are from livestock markets- tame hog

Feral is the best most abundant

run the net search "hog/boar hunts"

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How Much would you pay

Killed 2 in Argentina. 1 about 100pounds black with some wild boar in it. the other was a large wild pig killed it with a knife! Awsome hunt lots of fun and the sceenery was great. Cant forget the Argentinian Dogos that caught that big one! Amazing animals.....I am going back again next year!
$200 per boar. One of the dogos got cut real bad on the side of the head. All the small game you can shoot too! If you have a 1000 shells...you could shoot a 1000 times!

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How Much would you pay

If your just going to be dropped off at the gate and shown where the lodge/cabin/trailer is to stay in- about $75/day. If your going on a guided hunt - $300-$500/weekend with lodging,guide, meals for a 2 day hunt/. For that price I would expect to get at least 2 hogs. Some outfits will say unlimited hogs.

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I wish I could find an outfitter to represent that sells hog hunts of any kind for $75. We have quite a few hog hunts that we offer in TX. but they start at $150 per day with lodging included and they are semi guided.

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How Much would you pay

I would never pay to hunt hogs! people call me begging me to hunt hogs on thier land ! I get alot of good deer hunting spots that way

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