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so you want to hunt ohio? it's easy! between the National forest and the army corps of engineers, there's so much public ground you couldn't shake a stick at it all.



my personal favorite is a camp ground called Ring's Mill, i killed lots of deer out of that hollow. and lots of good bucks have come out of there. shotgun season there is pressure there, but luckily, it keeps the deer moving. if you go there, pm me and i'll explain the place to you.

my uncle has a lake house at leesville lake. also a quality place. all the land around the lake is public with few exceptions (a boyscout camp and the marina).

you can always look into killbuck swap wildlife area. pretty much any private land in coshocton or richland counties is loaded full of deer.

ohio is super easy to hunt. tags are good for any open season and you can hunt from september to february with a bow! i think you can get 7 OTC deer tags but only one can be antlered deer.