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How many deer on average?

On average how many deer do you guys get a year?

So far this year ive got 4

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How many deer on average?

Well for the last 15 years I have managed to keep my average the same ........... a BIG FAT ZERO Brick Wall,) I have never shot a deer, I hunt my _ _ _ off every year, every day of the season. But I did managed to shoot a bear in 2002. Big smile

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How many deer on average?

The legle limit with public tags in washington for deer is one which since i have been hunting at the age of 12 i have always gotten one. Up until this year,but I am only 14 so i have killed two deer in my life but this
this weekend (thursday, friday, saterday, and sunday) is late buck and i am going to ateempt to harvest a buck. Thumbs up

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How many deer on average?

I just shot my second buck(my first being 2 years ago) monday. He was 170 lb 8pt with a 16'' spread. ill post pics as soon as i get them back. He's going on my wall next to my other 8 pt Yes. Oh and there is no limit on deer in SC. Just limits to like 1 per day i believe. but my buck is the first deer ive seen all season and are buck season started August 15th!

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How many deer on average?

I just started hunting again 3yrs ago after a work induced 15yr hiatus...the past 2 yrs I was skunked, but this year I got 2. It helps now that I can hunt the ML season back home now as well. I imagine that 2 will be as many as I'll ever take - that's plenty for us (just me and the missus) and to share with family.

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How many deer on average?

In MO we can take one buck and in certian county's/ areas we can take as many does as we want.
I'm lucky if I get one a year.

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How many deer on average?

In NJ doe hunting is unlimited. You can take two at a time and check them in, get your two more tags and head back out again. I know people that kill more than 100 deer a year but I try to take 4. 3 for my family and 1 for the hunters for the hungry program. I let ALOT of does pass and try to take 2 bucks and 2 does every year(I hunt 2 properties and take one of each on both properties). So far I have 1 buck on the season and the gun opener is in a week and a half.

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How many deer on average?

i hunt mostly up in KS, there we can take 1 buck for the year, and in the Co. i hunt in, up to 5 doe,s,,,, here in OK we can take 3 bucks and 4 doe,s i usualy take only 1 buck here in OK and all the doe,s i can legaly shoot, same goes for the doe,s up in KS. i dont need that many does but i believe its good herd management, last nite here in OK i saw only 3 does, and passed on 7 bucks ( racked bucks ), i,m not counting button,s ,, thats a pretty good buck/doe ratio

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How many deer on average?

We are only allowed to harvest one deer per year (buck unless you get drawn for an anterless tag). I have been successful 17 of the 19 years I have hunted deer in Nova Scotia. Both years I missed out was because I was being fussy about the size of the buck. I usually see a decent buck pre-season and try to hunt him but I will settle for less most years if I am not being fussy. Roast deer tag is not all it is cracked up to be.

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How many deer on average?

our camp took 11 deer out this year with 1 tag left (mine!) I haven't seen any this year. 1 weekend left !

To hunt and fish : don't feel bad for not getting any deer yet and trying so hard
It took me 5 years of hunting every single weekend some times 3&4 day weekends to finally get my bear I think if I added up all the reciepts from the first week-end it would be close to a million dollars Big smile

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How many deer on average?

I seem to average 1-2 deer a year.