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How many bears hit a station?? Sow and cubs

I have hunted bears for 3 years and have shot 2. I have filled my tag within the first day on both the bears I shot. This year I am hunting with a friend that has never bear hunted, so I agreed to video tape his hunt and he would tape mine. Last night we had a Big sow with 2 small cubs come in. We decided to not take a sow that had cubs as we believe it is VERY unsportsman like. And by shooting the mother would be condeming the cubs to death(they were very small, like little black cotton balls). My question, is there anyway there is other bears visiting the station or how can I tell. All the bait is being eaten. Or should I consider moving the station?

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How many bears hit a station?? Sow and cubs

Try setting up a game cam that way you can see whats coming in. LAst year I had5 differnt bears coming in, incuding a sow with a cub. I would keep baiting same spot and and mabe another close by sooner or later the boar that helped make those cubs will come around!

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