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How to hunt/trap a mountain lion????

Have a farm and have a mountain lion on it and need to know how to hunt or trap one but i dont have dogs to hunt with. Any info. would be great!!

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How to hunt/trap a mountain lion????

what are you going to do with the lion after it is caught??

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How to hunt/trap a mountain lion????

seth told me he wants to trap it and then shoot it

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How to hunt/trap a mountain lion????

I did a little reasearch on trapping mountain lions and it appears some folks out in Washington State may can help you, just read the some of the links this one gives you, they give contact information on how to use these traps.


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How to hunt/trap a mountain lion????

When you catch your neighbors dog, you need to tell the Jerry Clower story about the "Lion in the Yard" Maybe they'll have a sense of humor while they shut your eyes?

Sorry,,,,I just couldn't resist.

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