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how far from people??

hey guys,
i just got my first gun, a mossburg 500 12 gauge shotgun. my question is how far away from people, roads, buildings, etc. do i have to be to shoot the gun. i live in new york. i tried going on nra to find some info but just found manys pages of laws. someone help me out. thanks ben

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how far from people??

It depends on what you're shooting. The state of NC says 00 buck is dangerous for 600 yards, and the distances drop off from there, depending on shot size. It bottoms out with #9, which can carry for 250 yards or so. Slugs are dangerous for about 3800 feet. Of course, the numbers increase with altitude as air resistance drops. The numbers NC quotes came from NSSF/SAAMI.

But ballistics is just part of it -- know the laws for your area. It doesn't matter what your clear zone is if it's illegal to discharge a firearm from the point you're shooting from.

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