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how to dye black bear rug

I did a rug of my first black bear last year that turned out pretty good.  There are however two places near the belly that had pretty thin hair.  How would you recomend that I dye the leather at those spots.

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Dying black bear


The taxidermists I know air brush these areas. I do not know if I would suggest dying these areas.


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It should have been dyed

It should have been dyed before it was mounted. You use leather dye and it is appied to the back side of the hide. At this point, you can try leather paint that you can buy from places like Jonas Supply.  It works very well, just spray it on, let it dry and then wipe off the excess that got on the hair. It works much like spray paint.

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Remember a few important

Remember a few important points before dyeing Your leather finally.
* Wash the rug firstly with leather bleach to make it clean.
* Try the dye on a patch of leather, to verify how exactly does it look after drying up.
* Make sure the color dye is compatible with the leather material of rug.

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