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How do you feel?

How do you feel about your chances this year of a harvest? Every year that I have gone hunting I have always felt positive about my harvest chances. BUT this year I feel really POSITIVE(95%) of my harvest chances. Im going with Heavy C who is on here also, the same area that he harvested his cow opening morning last year. Heavy C has hunted the same area for a number of years now and his knowing the area just has me feeling really positve. So how do you feel of your chances of a Harvest this year??? Thanks for reading and replying

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Feeling great

I don't know if I'm just feeling overconfident right now, but the scouting has gone well, and I kind of feel like I would really have to screw up at this point to not fill at least one of my tags. 

Feeling a little cocky I guess, but that's what happens when you're on a roll.  Antelope have always been a slam dunk for me, so there's at least 4 you can chalk up.  My buck deer tag feels like a gimme, the only question being how long I can hold off the trigger.  My elk tags, the late cow should be the easiest, plus I have a full month to do it.  I guess the most challenging tag I'm trying to fill will be the muzzleloader elk.  Lots of things can go wrong, but I feel so good about the area, and we've got more than enough time. 

I know I'll look like a schmuck after saying all this if I don't come home with something, but I'm feeling pretty good right now.

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I always feel a little bit

I always feel a little bit cocky before my hunts with the scouting that I do.  Usually I will have choices to make on what I really want to bring home.  Such as is that deer big enough or do I really want to pack an elk out of this drainage?  When I am archery hunting the deer needs to be one to hang on the wall, and the same for an elk but I usually have a couple of chances to arrow one or both each year.  I also always ask myself what am I going to do with the meat before the shot.  Last year I managed to bag two elk and gave both of them away since I don't need that much meat and the families that I gave them to can use it, not to mention that they love the meat itself. 

So for me this year I have 5 tags.  Two for deer and three for elk and I am hunting 2 different states so that should keep me busy and confident that I'll have at least one chance at each animal.  Now weather I take the shot or not is up to me. 

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I usually feel good after a scouting weekend too

This weekend is pretty good.  So-so for elk.  We did see some, but the deer scouting was AWESOME this weekend.

Filmed a line of 18 or so bucks, walking single file up a BLM hillside, only a couple of them were yearlings.  Going to be a little bit for we get it digitized and can really show it off.

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I feel really, really good

I feel really, really good about my chances this year at filling my tags. I am a little nervous about my Colorado Antelope but that is just a lack of knowing the area. I am pretty sure I will fill the tag though.

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I'm feeling pretty good about

I'm feeling pretty good about my chances of getting into elk, Its just on me to fly my arrows true. As far as deer the area I've been scouting has been great so far as long as the rifle hunters dont chase them out of the country before my late season rut hunt I'll be in good shape.

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I feel

Pretty good as the property where I'm using my Sep. pp cow rifle tag as had elk in their alfalfa fields in the recent weeks. Me and my dad also took a ride up to our muzzleloader BLM hunting area for an afternoon evening glassing session. Didn't see any elk but glassed two very (very!) impressive bucks on ridges above us. Also, the DOW had a bear's in the area warning on the sign at the trailhead and we ran into three different large piles of scat on the trail up. So, there is at least one bear in our area. Being I've got a buck and bear tag I'm feeling pretty good right now!

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I've batted 1000 on ALL game

I've batted 1000 on ALL game since 2008, all on public land.  This after 8 years of eating tag soup for big game.  I'm loving the hot streak, but am wondering when the luck will run out.

I've been holed up all summer with injuries from a motorcycle accident, and just started scouting two weeks ago.  I just started shooting my bow last week and don't feel as confident as I did last year.  And I can't find my favorite release.

With that said, I've seen elk and found some wonderful new wallows.  Maybe I'm just being mental.

This year I'm on no B&C quest, I'm just happy to get out and get into elk.


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oh im feeling pretty darn

oh im feeling pretty darn good about my chances this year. i found a great elk hunting spot 7 miles from the nearest road and an excellent whitetail stand with three bucks in the 130-150 range so i am pretty confident.

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I am not feeling at that

I am not feeling at that confident in my elk archery attepmt...just was not able to do as much scouting as I wanted to and when I can get out there the most it is the full moon.  As far as rifle elk and deer I feel pretty good about considiring I got my 2nd choice tags.

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not so good

colorado general archery elk tag, first year in a new area, by myself, didn't find what I was hoping to find while scouting this summer, working opening weekend so wont know where the pressure was. I'm thinking 40% chance rite now. cant wait, looking forward to challenge. Anybody know how much pressure arapaho ridge gets?

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