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How bad is Ohio's gun season?

I bowhunted in Ohio this year for the 1st time, enjoyed it - didnt kill anyting though. My father wants to go with me next year, but he doesnt bow hunt. Ive heard horror stories of massive amounts of hunters in the woods during gun season. Is this true? Im sure public land can get crowded, but what about in general?

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How bad is Ohio's gun season?

I'm not from Ohio but here in Indiana it gets pretty crowded in some places during gun season. One thing that will help is to know the lay of the land before hand and get away from the trails and roads. Allot of the people that drive to hunt during gun season havent set foot on the property since the season before or maybe never before.

I usually dont see as many people further away from the beaten trail and usually the ones that will go the extra distance to hunt know how to hunt and don't pose as big of risk to be around IMHO

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How bad is Ohio's gun season?

Public land can be a war zone, unless you take the time to examine the area you want to hunt and determine how to get way back in the woods before all the late morning idiots crawl out of bed and go huntin'.

They will push the deer right to you, but I prefer to find a really big tree and sit with my back against it, away from the roads, which is where they all hunt from. Take a lunch and stay out all day.

Zaleski State Forest is good and a large area to hunt. You can get lost there, so get good topo maps as well as a compass that you can use. GPS is helpful also.

Good luck. Thumbs up

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How bad is Ohio's gun season?

Ive heard horror stories of massive amounts of hunters in the woods during gun season

Yes it is true, the better the weather the worse it is

drunken hillbillies running all over. If it is brown it is down is their motto.

This year was the worse I have ever seen it in my neck of the woods

ATV's everywhere

I'm getting to where I hate the season.

I have to go out and cut down some very fancy (treated wood/lag screw) stands on my property.

Got I hate trespassers. I bought this land to hunt it, they have 5,000 acres of public yet come onto private posted land to hunt.


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