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Hornandy SST

Anyone used the SST on Elk or Deer and what were the results?

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Hornandy SST

I shot a 200 lb. axis doe at 75 yards using a Ruger 77, .243, 95 gr. SST. The shot went into the high lung area and hit the bottom of the backbone. The deer ran about 40 yards and laid down. I waited about 30 minutes and started looking ... no blood trail. Luckily, I found the deer and she got up and ran about another 20 yards where she stayed put. I had to use a finishing round. The bullet literally exploded inside, I found one tiny piece of copper and no exit. (The 2 yard finishing round went from the very rear of the lung area to the very front of the lung area on the other side and did exit). It got the job done, but I prefer exploding bullets on varmints. My shot could have been better, but I don't expect a deer bullet to fragment upon hitting bone. I believe the doe bled to death on the inside, the bullet did cause massive internal hemmoraging due to the explosive effect and high bullet placement. The big downside was not having any blood trail to follow. I am going with Barnes X bullets on my next hunt; maybe with my new .338 RUM ... that outta do it.

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Hornandy SST

what loads are you shooting in your 338 ultra mag and how accurate does it shoot?what do you hunt with it? I load 225 partitions over RL 25.

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Hornandy SST

what are you guys hunting? elephants? lol

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Hornandy SST

Never hunted with them but I rolled some .300 Win Mag loads up with them the other day for my "test" box.

.300 Win Mag
150gr Hornady SST
74.0 grn IMR4350
3895ft lbs. @ 3420fps.
Gonna kick my arse in the dirt with the 33lbs of recoil its puttin out.

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Hornady SST ?

Yes, I have used Hornady SSt bullets out of '06, 7mm Mauser, 300 Win Mag, 7mm Rem. Mag, and the wildcat 30-338. In fact, when I'm working up a load for a new hunting rifle, the two bullets I start out with are the Hornady SST, and the Remington Core Lokt. I've found either of these two bullets to perform well for me on big game animals from antelope size to large bull elk and shots from 12yds to 350yds. I've also shot big horns, Mountain goats, and a Dall Sheep ram with only these two bullets. If I ever get to go for a big brownie, or some of the larger African game animals, I will probably spend the extra money to work up a load with one of the so called "Premium" bullets like Trophy Bonded. However, until that time, I'll stick with the tried and true. Hornady SST or Remington Core Lokt depending of which shoots most accurately out of my particular rifle. Remember, more elk have fallen victim to the old Reminton Core Lokt in its long history than all of the "Premium" type bullets put together. For any North American big game with the possible exception of the big Kodiaks, I believe that either of these two bullets have been tried and true. Within reason, for our type of game here in the U.S. , and with any modern bullet designed for big game, the real issue is bullet placement. Not how "Premium" a bullet is. Practice, practice, practice until you can confidently put the lead in the boiler room. Then when the time comes, know what your limitations are and the limitations of your rifle. Know before you ever leave the house how far you can and should take a shot. Don't take poor or long shots at any animal. Don't take shots from behind and count on your "Premium" bullet to travel thru the animal to get to the vitals. Don't count on your Ulta Mag caliber to make up for bad judgement or shooting ability. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. Remember, a Barnes triple shock in the butt from a 300 WSM will NOT bring an animal down humanely and quickly, A Remington Core Lokt, or Hornady SST placed properly in the boiler room from the meager 7mm Mauser will never fail. We owe it to the animals to become proficient with our weapon where we can hit where we aim and then to know when to pass on a bad shot. If you don't have the skills to get close enough, get them. If you don't have the skills to place the bullet in the kill zone, get them. If nature doesn't let you utilize those skills, pass-up the shot, and be thankful for a good day afield.

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