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Hornady SST slug rounds review

This year I went to the Hornady SST in 20 gauge for deer.

I use to use Winchester BRI in 12 gauge.

I have to say -WOW. First time I ever shot a deer and saw such a visible effect. Deer ran 20 yards and crumples.
I have been hunting deer for over thirty years and got to say this ammo has impressed me on Whitetail deer.

My state requires me to use a pistol or shotgun, no rifle and for the first time ever I do not miss the rifle .

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Hornady SST slug rounds review

I changed to remingtons 3" Sabott slug this year and was very pleased. They were a little pricey but results were excellent. 2 shots, 2 down where they stood, one was at full gallop and the sabott stopped it in its tracks. Its all I am going to use. Here all we can use is shot gun also, but like you said, I didnt miss my rifles one bit. Thumbs up

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Hornady SST slug rounds review

Thanks for the insight. I have been using remington 3" sabot slugs since I started hunting and have got my deer the first shot every time and they never ran past 60 yards. I've been curious about the SST sabot's but wasn't sure if they were as good as they seem. I believe the fps is better too with those. I may just have to pick up a package this season. Thanks for the review.

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Hornady SST slug rounds review

I had a different experience with the Hornady SST in 20 ga. While they flew very accurate I stopped using them because I didn't think they made a big enough exit wound. I'm lazy and I hate chasing shot deer especially at night if there is not a clear blood trail. So I went back to the Remington Coppersolid 2-3/4" sabot slugs. These jacketed hollow point babies really make a big gaping hole on the way out.

Just last week I went to the range and sighted in my slug gun (black composite Remington 870 with a frifled barrel and 4X scope) for the new Remington Accutip. It too shoots very well in my gun and the ballistics promise it to be as accurate as the Hornady SSTs but it mushrooms like crazy upon impact. Smack! I can't wait to use them.

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1" groups at 100yrds, clean wound very little blood.

at first i was very impressed with the round through my hr 12ga ultra slug hunter.

with 2 deer down i am finding the wound is to clean and have heard others say the same for the 20ga round. will have to try a few others. i hope to find one with comprable range and accuracy but with a little more damage to my target.

1st deer at around 40 yrds exit wound looked like an entry wound on a double lung hit.

2nd deer at around 70 yrds clipped heart still very little exit wound.



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