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Hogs in SC

Anyone here hunt hogs in SC? What are some of the best WMA's to hunt on?

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Hogs in SC

im still lookin mj havint fund on for dogs yet beside down towards charleston

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Hogs in SC

Look at your website for SC Hunting/DNR they have a distribution map listed for HOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs up Thumbs up

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Hogs in SC

The WMAs for hogs down here is a total crap shoot. It took me four hours and four different game wardens to finally get a straight answer.

On WMAs in SC, you can only hunt hogs in February (with dogs and handguns) or during the deer season. In game zone 6 (Lowcountry from Georgetown to ACE Basin, it says you are supposed to be able to take them during any open season with any weapon allowed during said season.

Well, I tagged out on turkeys by April 10th and I wanted to hunt hogs with my bow. My lease doesn't have hogs on it (thank God) and I wanted to hunt the WMAs up by the Santee. No can do. Apparently, the way the regs are written, you can only do it if it says you can do it. If it doesn't say you can or cannot, then you cannot. In all honesty, the first hog I ever killed down here was during the spring turkey season. Shot him on a WMA too with #6 Hevi shot at 10 yards. Rolled that sucker deader than my innocence. I had always been told hog season was always open...and it is...on private land.

SC is set up so that private land owners can do pretty much anything they want, and those that hunt public land need their own lawyers to sort it out.

I have been here for five years now, four for college and now almost one for work, and I now have enough contacts, leases etc to have all my seasons covered (except ducks, because there are no ducks here!)

Y'all shoot me a PM if you are looking for some spots on the WMAs once the deer season opens (you can acctually hunt them then). There is one WMA in particular that is ate up with them just south of Chas. I'll fill you in on all my old haunts since I don't use them much anymore now that I have private places to plunder.

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