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hog hunting in OK

Hi i live in New Mexico and was looking for some spring pork! i was hopeing to find some infomation on hunting hogs in oklahoma. western oklahoma if possible. does anyone have and information on the subject: licence, location ect.
Thank you for your time


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hog hunting in OK

You bet
all it takes is a hunting lic. and if it is on plubic land you will need a tag for what ever is open at that time

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hog hunting in OK

Hey Nal,

I don't know about western Ok but the hog hunting in Northcentral to Northeastern to Southcentral is decent and getting better.

I live in SouthCentral Kansas and hunt the public land in Northcentral Oklahoma. I also hunt private land which is adjacent to the public land.

In the area I hunt, I have spoken to the Game Warden who informed me a person needs a hunting license and means of take which is currently in season (e.g. if it is deer-rifle you can use a rifle in any caliber legal for deer, a bow, a shotgun with slug in gauge legal for deer (20 ga or larger). Conversely if it is deer-bow a hog hunter can only use a bow.). I hope this can answer some of the question. Also, you might google search the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Management and find the phone number for some of the Game Wardens in western Ok. They should be willing and able to shed some light on the subject. I strongly recommend this. I would hate for you to use only my advice and the info was incorrect.

Good luck and post some pics!


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hog hunting in OK

it your interested in doing a hunt with dogs i could give you a guys number that would be glad to take you.

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