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Hog Hunting 101

Deer season is over and your waiting until it comes around next year. Why wait when in 31 states can hunt hogs. When a few hundred pounds of wild, muscular, tusked hog comes charging at you there is not much you can hunt that is more exciting. Pigs are starting to take over the landscape in the south and many farmers don’t have enough time to hunt and kill the hogs, so they lets hunters come on their property and hunt for them. The top six states for hunting hogs are Texas, Florida, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi.
So how do you hunt these pigs? You’ve got a couple options if you’re a picky hunter. You can spot and stalk, stand hunt, or even dog hunting. In any of these methods the best time is the same time as deer, early morning and late evening.
If you chose the spot and stalk way some information that might be helpful is that hogs have a very good sense of hearing and smell, but their sight isn’t very developed. To spot them you can drive around on roads looking for them if roads are common in the area hunting or you can stand on a hill with some binoculars. When hunting be sure to be checking water sources frequently because during the summer hogs get hot.
Another way is stand hunting. You’re somewhat handicapped in this technique because of the inclination of hogs wandering around a lot. But if you use a timed feeder which is legal in lots of states you can kill a lot of hogs during a season. Another area to put up your stand is by water holes or mud areas where the hogs go when it’s hot.
When you are hog hunting with dogs you might need a guide if you are not experienced with hunting dogs. Otherwise how you hunt with you dogs is pretty much the same as spot and stalk except that you let you dogs loose in an area with lots of hogs signs and watch chase down a hog. How you kill the hog is up to you because most states don’t have many restrictions.
So next spring don’t stand around at home waiting for deer season go out and hunt some hogs.

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