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HK91 / PTR91 308 to 22 LR conversion kit FS


HK91 / PTR91 308 to 22 LR conversion kit FS


This is the German military kit to convert the 308 semi auto HK91 to fire 308 cartridges.  It includes a 22 caliber barrel that inserts inside the 308 barrel.  No gunsmithing or permanent modification is necessary to convert to 22 or back to 308.


The kit comes with two ten round magazines.  One is in original condition.  The other has been adjusted to seat the factory PTR91 rifle’s magazine well. 


Sportsman’s Guide is the only place that I know of still selling these kits.  They are listed for $539 plus $15 shipping.  I’ll sell you mine for $540 delivered.  I just don’t use it much and would rather roll the money into some other project.


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