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High end Custom Paintings from your photographs

I'll keep this short - I'm a digital artist living (fishing) in Savannah. My name is Tal Willis, and I think I have something that might interest many in the group.

I create unique paintings from digital photographs using a wireless paintbrush. Each stroke is handpainted --- this is NOT a push button effect created by Photoshop. The final product is printed on watercolor paper or canvas by me on a large format Giclée printer from my home. It is without question the best printing process available, with each painting lasting between 80 - 100 years. I feel there would be some hunters/fishers in the group who would be interested, but I don't want to be 'that guy" who appears to be selling something to benefit only themselves. What I'm offering is a work of art that can be proudly displayed and, because of its longevity, handed down to grandchildren....

SOME of my work can be reviewed at

Thank you, Tal Willis

Sky Merritt Painting 18x27.jpg
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