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hibernation questions

I can not find any answers about bears hibernation habits. I'am hunting the Northfork of the Clearwater in North Central Idaho. The snow level was about 5000 feet, on april 1st which was the opening day. Between my partner and myself we have spent about 18 days in this area so far and have yet to see any sign. The deciduous plants have buddied and leaves are out, last tuesday we talked with a game officer who said he had one seen one bear and it was about 90 lbs. On the same tuesday the temp was around 70. I know there should still be snow patches down to 2500 feet at this time of year. But I don't understand the hibernation process. Shouldn't the bears be out.

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hibernation questions

B bears seem to be late coming out all over the west,the only variable is weather and ours has been cold and wet so I assume that 9is why it has been late here.

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The bears should be out in full force

Put you a camera and a bait out and you will find out how many bears are in the area! I have hunted for 17 years and spent more time in the woods than most guys will ever spend. I never have seen too many bears on spot and stalk hunts. I know they are there and they are you just have to find a really good spot where they are feed like a berry patch or bait them. I seen more bears just cruising back roads than I did when I spot and stalk hunted them by far. And agin I spend on average 2 to 3 days a week up in the mountains in the spring in the fall I hunt from aug 15 to late Dec then when im not hunting them Im in there back yard sledding in winter. KEY NATURAL FOOD SOURCE.. wait untill huckle berrys come in season they will be out in full force.

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