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Hi, I'm new, Maryland hunters.

Hi, I'm new around here.

I havn't been hunting too long. Mostly shooting what I did when I was a little kid with uncles and friends parents. Now I am a bit older and want to get really into it. I just recently settled into Montgomery County near Burtonsville. I just completed Hunters Safety and wanna do some squirrel or other small game hunting nearby. My question is do any of you know anyplaces I could go to do this? I couln't just go off into some patch of woods nearby with a .22 could I? I got some buddies who live in northern Howard County near alot of rural areas. But would it be legal for me to just walk out in some rural woods and take a few squirrels that way or do I have to go to a specified official WMA area?

I don't want to have to travel too far and make a huge effort just to bag some squirrels.

Any help will be hugely appreciated.



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I suggest contacting your local DNR office

If I were you and not sure of where I could hunt with a .22 cal I suggest talking to your DNR ,they will help you in your adventure where it will be safe to do so,not only for your safety but others as well.Have fun and enjoy nature