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Hi, I need your input for a future Deer Processing Shop

Hi, I plan on starting up a deer processing plant in Illinois, south of Chicago.  Before I do, I want to make sure I will be providing the best possible service for the hunters at the best price. I have some questions that I think will help me set things up and get moving on the right track. If you could answer which ever ones you feel like, any information will be greatly appreciated and I am sure will bay off big in the long run.


When you bring a 100 pound dressed doe into the processing plant, with a clean double lung shot minimizing meat loss, about how much fresh meat (burger, steaks, roasts, etc…) do you get back?


How far are you willing to travel to have your deer processed at a plant that meets your product quality standards?


If you brought in 60 pounds of boned meat, on average, how much of that would you have made into smoked meat (summer sausage, slim jims, jerky, etc…)?


How long does it usually take from the day you hand your deer over to the processor to the day you get the call to pick it up? (please indicate if there was sausage and jerky made)


Do you prefer community batches (all deer are put into one container when boned and separated according to weight) because it is quicker and cheaper, or individual processing because you know you are getting your deer back?


How many deer have you had processed each year for the past three years?


Without going into detail as to where you take your deer for processing, do you have any complaints or praises about your current processor?


Thank you for your time. I hope you will answer these questions as accurately as you can so I can provide the best possible service to the hunters that come to me for processing in the future.

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Question one; about 40# boned

Question one; about 40# boned meat

Q 2: No farther than 20 miles

Q 3: 36# summer sausage, no jerkey, remainder ground burger

Q 4:  Nothing smoked - 2 to 3 days,  smoked meats, 1 to 2 weeks

Q 5: Absolutly no community batches!!!  Thats why I started to procress my own!

Q 6:  5 to 6 of our own deer kills per year

Q 7:  I have been doing my own (see answer 5) and for a few others.