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Hey, newbie here.

neener! Hey guys. I'm a newbie here (my first post) and a newbie hunter. I live in the Sacramento area and am planning to start pig hunting soon. I took a few minutes to peruse this forum and it seemed like a good group of folks. I noticed the posts where somebody's looking for decent access to private lands and/or public lands where one might actually see pigs once in a while. I anticipate that access to pigs will be a big problem here in Norcal. I'm currently researching firearms for this chore. I currently just own a .357 magnum Taurus Tracker. I really like this gun but notice that this caliber is probably the most controversial in pig hunting circles. I'm learning towards a Marlin lever action 30-30 - but we'll see. Anyway, I'll quit blabbing. Have a nice day. Oh, and I have a twisted sense of humor so let me appologize in advance...

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Hey, newbie here.

Welcome to BGH Abaco Big smile You're right, there are a bunch of good folks around here to chat with! Have Fun Thumbs up

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Hey, newbie here.

Welcome to the forum. I'll worn ya that once ya start going after them porkers your gonna find yourself hooked and hooked hard.
As for weapon choice to each his own. But bullet placement is key no matter what your after. I personally used a Rem 7mm Mag with 175g PSP and never had to take a second shot. My hunting partner used a 300 Win Mag. I carried a .44 on the hip for the too close to call situations that we would get ourselves into.
As for the 30-30 I can only share the 1 experiance with you inwhich I used one. I shot it broadside at 15y. Mind you it was close to a 300lb boar. But the bullet never penatrated to armor plate. I hit him again at about 20-25 a little back in the ribs with the same results. It took a shot from my buddies 300 win man to drop it. Many folks on here will tell you a 30-30 is just fine for hogs and have taken many with them. But again I can only pass on my 1 experiance inwhich I used one.
Good luck to ya and I hope to see some pics of a few porkers soon.

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Hey, newbie here.

Welcome to BGH!

Twisted sense of humor eh? Sounds like you'll fit right in! neener!

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Hey, newbie here.

hey good people just wanted to chim is and say that I am new to this forum also. I wanted to find out from the guns that I have which would be wise to take on my first hunt. I have a Marlin .44 cal, Ruger .223 & a couple of Remington 30-06.

Do I need to purchase something bigger?


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Hey, newbie here.

For hogs, that .44 and the .06 will do just fine. Just make sure with the .44 you have high quality bullets loaded up. The .06 id recommend 180 grainers. 150 would do the job but on a bigger hog it may have a lil problem on the grizzel shield. The .223 would be an excellent yote gun or groundhogs but I wouldnt recommend it for hogs if you like your legs where they are.

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