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Helping Bowhunters find that Kansas Buck

Hello Archery Guys & Gals,
Just wanted to update you on a few new things we at Critter Done Game Calls is doing this year.
We are posting the Kansas deer movement at our website. This will let all hunters know how the bucks are moving,if the ruts near,what size of bucks are moving and just what we see while we are scouting and hunting. We want all hunters Resident and Non-Resident to be successfull. We will update this in Pictures or Video every day or every week as things improve.
We also know that we somtimes get so serious that we might need to just have a laugh or two. So we came up with the Cornbread Corner named after my wife(Angela). If you need a laugh go to the link and click on the video and we hope we can put a smile on your face. I'm sure living around here with this family this will get updated alot.
Please tell all your friends and family about the website and maybe we can help someone out or just give them a laugh.
Happy Hunting,
Scott Scherer

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Yeah, you're right about us

Yeah, you're right about us being too serious sometimes.  Sometimes we get so focused on getting the big deer we forget to have fun.