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help with stolen antlers please!!

here is a picture of the deer i shot in 2001 that i brought to the taxidermists and never saw again!!! the guy took off with my rack!!
this one had a 24" inside spread and weighed 236 dressed. unfortunatly this is one of the only pics i have of it. the field pictures were double exposed and have overlays of my friends brothers party.
the guys name is rob douglas and i just found out he lives in ironwood michigan. still is in the taxidermy stuff calls his place cedar valley taxidermy. I know where he is but he wont answer phone calls so short of heading to th up to try and talk to him face to face i dont know what to do unless I can get someone who knows him to get the word to him and hopefully he will be a man and get in touch with me.
here is a picture of the deer sorry the quality is poor

rear view

here is the story behind the deer and how rob ended up with the rack. i worked that day and got home at around 3:30 and wanted to go out hunting so i grabbed my 30-30 and headed out onto the mine dumps near buhl in northern mn. i like to walk the edge of the old mine dumps because you can look over the edge for deer down below. after about an hour i saw this deer at about 130 yards down below me. i could tell right away he was big so i pulled up and shot. he wheeled around and ran. when he turned to run he looked like a longhorn steer. i jacke another round in and took one more shot before he disappeared into the brush. i was pretty excited as this was the first mature whitetail i had ever seen while hunting. i climbed down the side of the dump and walked over to where he was standing on the first shot. there was no blood. i felt sick thinking i had missed but i was pretty sure i had hit him by the way he reacted to the shot. i went over to where he had been on the second shot and still no blood. then i walked over to where i had lost sight of him as he entered the brush and it looked like some one had driven a harley through the brush at around 60 mph. there were gouges in the trees and broken limbs and brush. it was easy to follow his trail i walked along it looking for blood and after about 30 yards i found 1 spot the size of a dime. I was so happy that i hadnt missed!!! after another 20 yards i saw him piled up in a tag alder bush. he was huge!!! I called my buddys and told them i needed help to get him out. it took 4 guys and a 4 wheeler to get him out of there. we got him hung up and the next evening i wanted to go weigh and register it so we took it to town and the store we brought it to didnt have a scale but there were alot of people looking at the deer. one of those people was rob douglas. he asked me what i was going to do with it. I told him i was going to cut the rack off and put it on a plaque because the main beam was broken. he told me he was a taxidermist and could fix the beam and mount it for me i still didnt want to mount it but he said in exchange for the cape he would fix the beam and mount the rack on a plaque for me and i agreed. the next day i took it over to his place and he caped it out. that was the last time i ever saw it. on the way over there we stopped and weighed the deer. he weighed 236 lbs. I also measured the spread and it was just a hair over 24 inches on the INSIDE!! well anyway a while went by and i hadnt heard from him so i tried getting ahold of him and found out he had moved and ever since then i have been tracking him from place to place and trying to call him to get it back. I know i could take him to small claims court and win. I had witnesses to the original conversation as well as to him taking the cape. but i dont want any money! I want my trophy back!!! so basicaly that is the story. so if any one who knows him sees this PLEASE do the right thing and get me in touch with him!!

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help with stolen antlers please!!

Thats awful man because that deer is one big S.O.B. I have relatives in that area so ill talk to them and see if they know the guy. Best of luck on getting it back.

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