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Help for a new hunter.


Was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind providing some help for someone new to deer hunting. I live in Boston but am traveling to Oregon in October to hunt deer with a friend who lives in Hood River. We'll be using rifle, not bow.

We applied for the lottery for the controlled doe hunt, but did not receive the tags, so we will be hunting for bucks.

So, there are 3 options available to us:

- Wilson and Trask 10/2 - 10/15 and 10/21 - 11/5
- Coast area 10/2 - 11/5
- Cascade area 10/2 - 10/15 and 10/23 - 11/5

Which area would be better for us to hunt? Is it better to go earlier in the season (first week in Oct) or towards the end of it (last week in Oct)?

We don't mind difficult terrain or working hard, but would like to have the best chance of getting something.

Any other general tips/info for a first-timer?

Many thanks in advance,


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Help for a new hunter.

I haven't hunted there so I can't help you!!! You shoud Post in The Primos Forum and the Bowsight Forum under Oregon State and Washington State!!! Good Luck

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Here is your help!

I've hunted Oregon for 8 years and feel like I'm just now starting to know the hunting areas. There are so many areas to hunt in Oregon, you just have to pick one. If you just want a buck, the coast or wilson trask units are fine. You;ll find deer everywhere. I would consider the stott mtn. unit, wilson, trask(although they aren't open during elk season), and alsea unit. there are lots of deer and average bucks. However, if your after a trohy class buck, you'll have to work harder, but the cascades are the place to go. Here, you'll get bigger antlered bucks because of the nutrients in the high cascades and because of the crossbreeds between mule deer and blacktails. The Mckenzie, Santiam, and down south are where you'll find the big ones. There may not be as many and they might be twice as hard to find(most likely jump), but it'll be worht it. Lastly, I have always been an opening day hunter. Get out that first weekend before the deer have seen a ton of pressure and you may catch them off gaurd. After opening weekend, during rain or the end of the season as the pre rut begins would be best.