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Help needed for Easter WA Turkey

Hey guys, I am really new to this turkey hunting, and have had no success (but a ton of fun) hunting in the Klickitat Wildlife area for the spring hunt. I am interested in learning about the Ferry / Stevens counties area. I know this is asking a lot, but can anyone steer me to a drainage or two in the North East corner of the state, so that I may explore around for the fall hunt, and possibly score my first turkey? I understand this corner of the state is the most productive area in the state.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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Help needed for Easter WA Turkey

Well I my self am still a newbie to the art of turkey hunting......but I started the patrol for these big birds here in the heart of bird town Usa in stevens Co. You will have no trouble finding a big tom in the Colville forest area. Theres alot of ground and more then enough birds to go around. Won't feel bad one bit about passing up a tom witha six inch beard for there could be an even bigger one around the next corner. I will suggest talking to a few of the locals such as my self for some more info......ask away

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