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Help me understand wind direction and food plots

EDIT: Please let me know if you can't see the picture at the bottom. It shows when I edit but not when I try to just view the saved thread.


In all of my years of hunting (15 years, so not really that many), I've never had the opportunity to hunt over a food plot. Because of that, I'm a bit confused on which direction the wind should be coming from when I hunt an evening stand over a food plot with a bow. Obviously, I don't want my scent blowing toward the bedding area/direction the deer are coming from but it also seems wrong to have it blowing onto the food plot too since that's where I will probably be taking my shot at the deer.

Below, I've attached a picture of a peice of property. While I haven't scouted this particular spot out, I have looked at an area just north of this picture. Things like grasses, trees, and cover would be the same. The grasses/open fields outside of the food plots are thick with most of the grass being 4-5 feet tall and the wooded areas are heavily shaded and thick themselves. I've found fresh deer beds in both kinds of areas. So to stay that I have a bedding area nailed down would be a stretch, however I feel that the woods to the NW would be the most likely spot due to its proximity to the food source. Sadly, I do not have permission to hunt that side of the field.

The red star is where I would place a stand. With that in mind, what wind direction would you need to hunt this stand with a bow in the evening?