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Help me find more terminally ill/disabled children or free

I started two years ago offering free hunts to terminally ill/disabled children and it has skyrocketed through out the world. Of all the things I take part in pertaining to this industry this is definitely the most rewarding.
I’m writing on this forum to see if you can help me find more kids and or donate a hunt to these special kids. We have children; dying of cancer, Muscular Dystrophy, epileptics, loss their arm-eye-and severe brain damage from a tornado. We have children, who were abandoned at birth, elephant Mans Disease and cystic fibrosis and I could go on for another entire page listing all the diseases we deal with here at Bio-Tec Research!
It seems the hot topic right now is Chronic Wasting Disease when it comes to deer hunting. We are forgetting about the good in hunting like hungry families filling their freezers and sick children who would rather go on a hunt instead of going to Walt Disney World.
My company does a lot of research in wildlife nutrition, disease [including
Chronic Wasting Disease] and genetics. What got me into the volunteer work of
putting free hunts together was an idea I got from a WI deer farmer. He felt
since my company service farms all throughout the USA I would probably be able
to get free hunts offered by my customers. He was right but I couldn’t find
enough children to fulfill these hunts. Then I appeared live on a radio show
in Charlotte, NC and parents were calling me and emailing me from all over the USA. My company’s goal is to answer every child’s dream wish! After I aired live, I got 42 children within 48 hours almost a child an
hour and the list is growing! All these children are becoming part of my family as well as Bio-Tec Research.

If you can help us by donating a hunt, being a guide, offering taxidermy work or know a special child please let us know! THIS IS ALL NON-PROFIT AND EVERYONE INVOLVED IS DOING IT JUST FOR THE CHILD!

Brigid O'Donoghue
Bio-Tec Research,Inc.
Buckhorn Trophy Products
Charnel Fashions
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Help me find more terminally ill/disabled children or free

We are always willing and bale to offer free trips to children, whether disabled or not.

We did so with Hunt of a Lifetime but that was a mess.

midnight phone calls about elk hunts, we don't hunt elk in NY for starters and midnight calls during hunting season ruin a hunt when the guide gets less than 4 hours sleep on a good night anyway.

If you run it like you should send us the info and we'll do what we can.

Location: Bio-Tec Research, Inc.
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Help me find more terminally ill/disabled children or free

Please review the following hunts we have offered within the last four months:

We would be more than happy to work with you in setting up a hunt. We have done over 70 hunts in the last four months alone. Please email me your contact information and we will find a child for you within your area.


Brigid O’Donoghue
Bio-Tec Research, Inc.
United Special Sportsmen Alliance
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email: [email protected]

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