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HELP!!!! I need meat grinder advice ASAP!!!

Hey everyone--

Just dropped a deer and have decided I am sick of paying over $100 to have someone process my animal.  I have my wife convinced that I need a meat grinder to do it.  I need some advice from you guys/gals that may have one as to what kind I need to get.  Now I am by no means a professional hunter so I usually only have to process 1-3 animals/year.  My friend told me I need at least a 1/2hp but any brand names or other advice any of you have would be very much appreciated.  Thanks in advance

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Kitchenaid grinder attachment


I don't think it makes sense to buy a whole meat grinder with motor assembly, etc. for occasional use.

If your wife bakes a lot she may already have or may really want a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.  You can pick up a meat grinder attachment these Kitchen-aids for about $50-60 bucks.  Ours works great and my wife LOVES the kitchen-aid mixer she got out of the deal.  She even helps with the grinding.

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I can't say for the smaller

I can't say for the smaller ones but I've had the Cabela's  1hp model for several years now. Bigger than you need probably but man this thing is great. We process between 12 to 20 animals a year I would guess and it really makes quick work of them. It has never slowed or bogged down no matter what we throw at it. There is no way I could afford to have them all done so the expense of the grinder is well worth it.

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I also recommend the kitchen

I also recommend the kitchen aid grinder. If you don't already have one buy one and your wife will love it. You can get all sorts of accessories for them.

The last elk I butchered myself I went ahead and bought the grinder attachment for around $40. I bought a few pounds of bacon (10:1) and ground it up with seasoning. The burgers turned out great!

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We have always processed our

We have always processed our own elk and deer. We now have a heavy duty meat grinder, but didn't for many years and I'm not sure it was worth the investment since we only use it during hunting season. 

Before we had the grinder, we always put all the meat we wanted as hamburger into clean 5 gallon buckets (or a large sturdy box lined with several layers of freezer wrap will work too), and then took that meat to the local butcher and had them grind it immediately. Just had them grind it back into the buckets, took it home and packaged it up ourselves. This way we knew we were getting our own meat back. Most butchers will do this if they're already processing game, but if they're not they may not grind it for you. It only cost a few cents per pound, so was very economical. 

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I don't have a meat grinder

I don't have a meat grinder but want one. I have heard the Cablea's commercial grade grinder are great and bullet proof. I'm still trying to convince my wife that I need one. I like the Kitchen aid idea with a grinder attachment. She has been wanting one of those and I've wanted a grinder I think I smell a comprimise here. I didn't even know the Kitchen aid's had an attachment like that. I'm like you. sick and tired of paying to have my game processed. I'm going to look into the Kitchen aid thing, I'm sure I can pull that off, Thanks for the input.

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The Kitchen aid attachment is

The Kitchen aid attachment is great. It has a corse and fine grinding plates. I have made everything from chorizo, Italian sausage, burgers, to liverwrust, pates. I have processed 4 pigs with it already and have had no problems.

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Glad that you got a deer

Glad that you got a deer MMC!  Haven't logged on all weekend, so I will have to look for the report. 

As for grinders, everyone pretty much covered it.  I asked for and received one a cuple of years ago, and I made the mistake of asking for a manual one.  Holy cow, after just doing a hind quarter of an elk, my hands and arm were hurting. Shock!

If I had to do it again, I would go with the smallest electric one I could get.  But then again, I can't even seem to fill my doe permit, so why would I ever need one???? Whistling

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Everyone has given you great


Everyone has given you great advice here.  The purchase of the $250+ mixer/blender and then buy the grinding attachment is a great idea... if you or your wife likes to bake and will get the use out of it.  If you have one already these Kitchenaid type mixers then the $40 to $50 attachment is the way to go.  The bucket of meat to the butcher is also a great idea too.  I don't do the work Hunter25 does... yet... but I have the Cabelas 1/2 horsepower model - #51-6401-034 for $350.  It does everything I have put into it.  Good luck and I am certain you can find something in your price range that will do the job and keep the better half happy too!!!  Yes



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Congratulations on getting

Congratulations on getting your deer. I have always butchered my own animals and make my own burgers too. Only thing I do not do is make sausgae. Anyways, call me old fashion but I still use the old hand crank style meat grinder. I take all the meat I want a burger and package it in 1-3 pound packages. As I want burger I take it out and grind it fresh. I get beef fat at the store and do an approx. 20/80 mix. Yes it is more work but the grinder was cheap.

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A bit late with advice...

Congrats on the deer.  I agree paying for meat processing, especially if you are just cutting the steaks, roasts and burger, is kind of expensive.  I used to pay a processor to cut and wrap all of our game meat but have recently (in the last 3 or so years) changed my preferences.  I now like to take meat to the processor only for smoked sausages and pepperoni sticks--the kind of things I can't do myself very well and save several hundred dollars a year with the regular butchering and wrapping.

I would also agree with many of the previous comments on the Kitchen Aid mixer attachment.  This works well, but isn't a very high capacity grinder.  If will take you about 1/2 day to grind the burger for your deer.  At least that's my experience with the grinder attachment.  I've borrowed this setup a couple of times and really liked it, but it took a long day to grind and wrap up an elk.  Last year I finally got tired of borrowing and bought a grinder from Northern Tool.  It's a 1/2HP Kitchener #12.  It cost about $100 total and comes with several different grinding plates and sausage stuffing attachments too.  The gears are also all metal rather than plastic like some of the cheaper grinders.

If you already have a Kitchen Aid mixer that is compatable with the grinder attachment, then that is probably the best and most economical solution.  And it does work well, just low capacity.  If you don't have the mixer, then spending the $100 for a grinder with more than twice the capacity might be a better deal for you.

Good luck and get a good grinder.  Ours has paid for itself several times over already in saved processing costs.

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