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My name is mandy. I just moved to NH due to the military. I need sum help to find the huntin spots. i wanna hunt everything this year. I dont know the area and everything seems to be posted no hunting near Dover, Nh. Lord, does anyone want a huntin partner? Seasons gitn close and im gitn stressed. I just wanna go huntin folks. Sumbody please shed sum dag'ern light....

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Mandy, welcome to

Mandy, welcome to BGH::hello1

On the website for the NH dept of wildlife is a good deal of info on places to hunt.

www.wildlife.state.nh.us/hunting/hunting.htm will give several places in the state to hunt. The website also gives info on the Women in the Outdoors program they have. You could meet other women/hunters at this function. May also try local gun shops to see if they can give you a lead on where to hunt. That's about all the help I can give since I'm not in the NE. Good luck and post some pics of your hunts.

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NH F&G website



As suggested, check out the NH F&G website. They list a bunch of public hunting areas. Head out away from Dover, particularly north, and you should find some open land. There are some State Wildlife Areas no too far from you. Land that is not posted is traditionally open for hunting but it's best to ask the landowners permission. Pick up a copy of the DeLorme Gazeteer for NH. It's a book of maps for the whole state and it shows public hunting land. Welcome to BGH!....and NH.

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Welcome to BGH.  I know there

Welcome to BGH.  I know there are a few guys from there that hang around, so you might get a response.  Best of luck!

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Welcome to BGH, if you lived

Welcome to BGH, if you lived in oregon i could piont you in the right direction. hang in there

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Head on out to Colorado and

Head on out to Colorado and I'll show you around the elk woods. ha I'm sure there's someone on here that can help you out.

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