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Hello.. New member here. VA Hunting

How many VA hunters do we have out there?
I am currently in the Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg area and I was wondering if anyone else in this area can tip me to a few places to hunt, or if you know of any shooting ranges, or places safe to shoot in this area. Also, how would i go about getting legally licensed to hunt in VA? I'm 17 years old, and i've hunted as a kid with my brothers in King George. I've got a few guns and no where to shoot them. and i'd like to get more into hunting. any information or suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello.. New member here. VA Hunting

Welcome to the site!
Can't be of much help with your questions, but I am sure
others will be along that will.
You should be able to research public lands that are opened
to hunting online and maybe the shooting ranges as well.
I know its always better to chat with those that hunt the
area, so hold tight and see who happens by your post.

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Hello.. New member here. VA Hunting

Welcome aboard the hunting train. You will need hunter education certification to buy a lisense in Va. Go to http://www.dgif.virginia.gov this site will give you most of the info you want, shooting ranges ect.

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Hello.. New member here. VA Hunting

Thumbs up Here's one...I am new to this forum also.
You are about an hour just north of me.
Coach Steve was right about the Hunters Safety course & the website he gave you--you will find the public hunting areas to hunt on there also. Just a little south of you, there is Ft. AP Hill--I believe you can hunt there.
get out there & knock on some doors...land owners, farmers, you never know until you ask....Search online for ranges---sorry, I always practiced on private land.
You may want to go to the courthouse/sheriffs office to see if they can tell you of place or they just might recommend someone for you.

Good luck to ya... Big smile