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Hedge Apple Question?

Hey guys. I am from upstate NY and am working in SW Tenn right now. (seriously screwing up my hunting for this year). I have noticed a lot of Osage Orange Trees aound here. These trees put out a round grapfruit size fruit that kind of looks like a green brain. Some of the locals call them "Hedge Apples".
My question is; is there any wildlife that eats these things? They seem to be just rotting away on the ground all over the place.

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Hedge Apple Question?

Nothing to my knowledge eats them, because they are poisonous ( i believe). I know that if a horse eats one it will kill them.

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Hedge Apple Question?

i'm from west central IL and we have things like that and we call them hedge balls (because they fall from hedge trees) and our cows eat them. we had one die from it once, but that was because the hedge ball got stuck in it's throat.

i know you can put them under your house/trailor and they help keep the mice away, or they are good for target practice. careful picking them up, they tend to ooze sap-like stuff