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Heavy Road Kill

I just got back from a drive along Michigan's I-69 between Flint and Marshall - a round trip distance of approximately 180 miles. I counted 37 deer carcasses along the sides of the highway - all within 50 feet of the road. I didn't count any twice and I'm sure I missed some. In some places, the snow was too deep to see, and some of those miles was near larger cities (Flint and Lansing). So if we make it 160 miles of rural terrain, that comes out to 1 dead deer every 4.3 miles. Shock!

How does that compare with what you usually see in your area?


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Well I don't have that long

Well I don't have that long of a distance to compare to every day but between Glenwood and Basalt where I work it used to not be uncommon to see a deer or elk killed about every mile. In the winter all the animals come down into the valleys and of course that's where all the major roads are. Last year though they built high fences for much of the worst areas on both sides of hwy, 82 and I only saw maybe 6 animals all winter. that is an amazing difference and made life easier for most people. I don't know hardly anyone who has not hit at least one including myself and my wife.

It's a shame to see so many hit by cars when the deer herds have declined so much already.

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Best I ever had was a trip

Best I ever had was a trip across Pennsylvannia, back in the 80's, and we counted over 100 deer and one bear ont he side of the road. 

That's about a 6 hour drive.  That's probably one of the biggest trucking routes in the country, across I-70.

Those trucks get rolling, they don't even slow down for the deer.

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the worst

The worst I ever saw it was in Utah.  Every time I drove over one pass, there would be at least twenty new carcasses on the side of the road.  I'm guessing that here in Washington, we have fewer than most states.  For one reason, we don't have the huge populations where there are lots of deer.  The huge population of this state is in King County, around the Seattle area.  That probably takes up about 2/3 of the population of the state.  That leaves a lot of wide open spaces without lots and lots of people driving. 

We do kill a few on the freeways but nothing compared to Pennsylvania.  We have plenty of deer in my neighborhood but I've been lucky enough to not hit one.  In fact, I have never hit a deer in my life...knock on wood.  What I find interesting is that it is illegal in Washington to pick up a road killed animal.  You will be charged with poaching.

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I live here in Ohio and I

I live here in Ohio and I would have to say the numbers are higher than that even. I work about 23 miles away from my home. About 20 or so of that is highway. I will try and count what I see on my way home. I will let you know how many I see. 

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