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Heart or lungs ?

A heart shot will be lethal, however, the blood trail may be less than adequate because the blood is pumping into the deer. Add to that the jump and rush when a deer is hit in the heart, it could be outta there.
A double lung shot will cause the blood to pump out of the newly formed holes in the deers side...the more rush the blood = better trail and obviously quicker blood loss.
I aim about the top o the heart and if the deer hears me, itputs the arrow through the lungs...if not, it's an adrenalin rush (for me and the deer),

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Heart or lungs ?

Ok, a heart shot is lower than a lung shot. Which means the cavity fills quicker and bleeds out the sides quicker than the higher lung shot???

Only heart shots I've seen that you couldn't follow at a quick walk were very low in the non pressure chambers yet the animals were within 150 yards or so and simple to find.

That being said due to string jumping I always aim low. If I had an animal that would not duck then I'd probably tend to aim top of the heart to have the most error available. Unfortunately about 90%+ of our deer jump the string.


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Heart or lungs ?

You should get a good blood trail going from either. With a heart shot, I've observed that you get a mixture of darker blood and brighter blood, possibly a mixture of vascular and arterial blood.

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Heart or lungs ?

I always aim for the crease behind the foreleg. If it hits true it will be a kill and there is room for error. If you aim for the heart and the distance is off you miss low. If you aim for just lungs, given it is a larger target there is still room for error. Always have a specific aiming point wether it be a crease, hair, or rib.

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Heart or lungs ?

i would say whichever you could hit would be a good shot... quartering away i would aim about 2 inches behind the shoulder hoping to hit one lung and through the lenght of the heart.... i shot a bowtech at 70 lbs last year and aimed for the shoulder everytime and blew through both sides but not completely, i hit both lungs and heart they both did not go very far at all... one time i was stalking one and i thought it was 40 and it was only like 35 and i hit high and back, upon following the 2 foot wide bloodtrail for only 30 yards and seeing my deer, i saw that i had cut the tenderloin in half just under the backbone, bad but lucky shot... but i would not specifically aim for that spot, any heart or lung shot will work, this year i am going out with a bowtech Tribute @ 80 lbs and am only aiming for the shoulder with montech 100 gr. with easton axis arrows and fully expecting to blow through and hit either lung or heart

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string jumping

a little secret about the deer ducking the arrow is not to shoot when the deer has the raidar tuned in with the ears opened .We use apples for bait and I wait unti the deer goes down for another bite or is pre occupied with another deer . Usually they hear the string and pick up the head and look . That's long enough for the hit .Try this it works!

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