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Heading to Banff/ Edmonton looking for cabins and things to do

I realize this is last minute, I plan to be in the Banff area around Aug 18-21 with my wife and 2 small children. We really get a kick out of staying in off the beaten path pimitive style cabins since having small children do not allow the opportunity for backpack camping. Does anyone know of place that might offer what I am looking for that rents for a reasonable price? Needing nothing fancy, just a bed, linens, and a fire ring.


We might head up toward edmonton also. I eventually want to start hunting up in Canada and hope to find some good contacts or at least speak to some locals. It seems there are alot of bears in that area. Where are some good hangouts for good fellowship. I know this isn't a tour guide forum, but I just want to maximize our trip. Thanks guys

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Wow, short notice is right. 

Wow, short notice is right.  I'd suggest the internet is your friend.  Anytime we go to Calgary I search "Calgary tourism", and find the sites that are Actually from Calgary.  You may find a "rustic" motel through there?  Camping is big here.  If you had a little extra time I"d say pick up a tent and some rudimentary equipment and camp.  Here's a searchable Alberta tourism site:  http://www.travelalberta.com/en-ab/Pages/default.aspx?mrkt=Alberta

If you're driving from Cal. to Banff, Hwy 40 S takes you to Kaninaskas country, which while heavily used by Calgarians for camping, etc and from what I hear is quite developed, also has pretty good sheep and elk hunting.  If you go N towards Jasper I've been told that's a really nice drive, and a buddy of mine used to hunt moose somewhere in that direction.  I used to hunt elk about 50mi S of there(until they improved the trunk road).

In a nutshell, in Alberta just draw a 50mi circle around all our cities.  Everything outside of that is good hunting.  Have a good trip.

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Sunwapta Falls Lodge

Guess you're already on the road. We've stayed at Sunwapta Falls Lodge near Jasper. Reasonable rates, 30 min from Jasper. Not too bad a place, but we decided that next time we'd be staying in town since we ended up heading there every day anyway, and Jasper had more eating options. At the lodge you're in the middle of nowhere and the menu prices at the lodge restaurant indicated they were well aware of that.