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Have you shot the PSE Fire Flite or PSE Thunderstorm

I'm looking to get a compound bow and these two have caught my eye mostly because cabelas has them in a package set for a realy good price. IF you have shot the bow how did it shoot any problems with it? I'm looking for an honest review so I know whether or not to buy one -Scott

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Have you shot the PSE Fire Flite or PSE Thunderstorm

My son shoots a firefilight great bow for the money and should serve you fine.

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pse bows

Any pse bows are a graet choice. I have a pse Nova vector 4. I bought in for $169.00 from Atlantic Archery. At 65 pounds useing a 2219 easton camo hunter aluminum arrow , it shoots 202 feet per second. It packs 52 foot pounds of canetic energy. I've had it for several years and still works great. I really like it's performance. My friend has a pse thunderbolt. He payed $450.00 for it.And it's also a great bow. Pse bows rank high on my list. I wouldn't have anything else. I LOVE IT !!!

thenail !!

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