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Has any one used The Hornaday SST bullits

Has any one used the Hornaday SST bullits . I've just started to use them and working on a load for my 300 Winmag 72 Grains 4350 , 165 gr 3200 fps. I've shot at wet phone books it holds togeather good better then everthing i've used before let me know

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Hornady SST's

I have used them in the 270, 308 & '06. I found them to be very accurate in all of these guns!

If you are getting that kind of velocity, I would try the Interbonds instead and they will hold together much better!

I have shot deer with both the Interbond and the SST's and they have both worked great! I do prefer the Interbonds though! Several people I know have used the SST's on elk, but with 308's and '06's and never had a problem!

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