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Happy Birthday to me!!!

My birthday came a little early this year...I have been seriously considering getting into black powder for a while now (over a year) as it solves a few open season conflicts trying to hunt here in Ontario, home in Sask and wife's home in NS). While browsing the aisles of our local hunting/fall outdoors show this weekend I stopped to admire a display of Tradions M/L at a booth. The sales rep came over and made his pitch, explained all the options advantages/disadvantages etc...the one that really caught my eye was a Pursuit break-action as it was included in a package containing all required accessories excluding powder and primer, no tax and heavily discounted. As we walked away my wife said if I wanted it, she'd buy it for my birthday (which isn't until next month). I love her Thumbs up

Can't wait to try it out. Won't get hunting with it this year - not enough time to get confident with a new rifle before Oct, but definitely looking forward to next year....(Thank you honey)

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Happy Birthday to me!!!

Aren't birthdays grand.

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