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had some trouble with another hunter

has anyone else ever had trouble with another hunter tryin to hunt  the same  water hole as you. i just got back from huntin with my freind chad these last 2 days heres what happend . chad had been spotting this area for the last month and found a nice gully in the middle of these flats with a spring that comes out of some rim rocks and pools up about 20 yards away the vegitation around this water hole was torn up all around it from antelope there is no cattle out here. he had built a natral blind in the rim rocks over the water hole with sage brush and rocks the week before. he asked me if i would tag along saterday night with that sunday mornin we left we arived about 5 in the morning and made our way down to this blind i was amazed at this settup it was ideal for a archery ambush, we sat there as the sun came up about 6:30 it was legal shooting time. the spirits where high as we saw some antelope movin in the flats in the distance. about a hour whent by and a small group came into the water hole. in nevada they have 2 types of tags, "horns longer than ears" and "horns shorter than ears", chad had a longer tag, the one buck in that group was shorter, so we waited. we saw antelope all over the flats for the next hour or 2 then another group started our way with a nice buckin it. but before they got too our gully they stoped and we heard why. a vehicle was coming up the road, as it came closer we could tell it was a quad within seconds it came down to the water hole, it was a fellow hunter with a bow on the front racks and all kinds of bags on the back. we whistled and gave a wave to let him know we were there, he stared at us for a minute then took his blind of his quad and decided he was gonna set up 45 degrees off the water hole from us at 8:30 in the morning when the animals are moving in. so chad gets out of the blind and heads down to the guy. before he gets half way  the guy starts yellin "this is public land and i have every right to hunt here", so chad said "thats absulutly right" and offers the guy a seat in our blind so we dont shoot at each other. but after a few words and the guy tellin us to " f " our selfs he got on his quad and took it back to the raod 5 min later he came back to his blind with his bow in his hand, mean muggin us the whole way down. so after thinkin over our options we decided to stay  anything from the water hole to the right was now blocked for a shot but anything that came in from the left was open and chad is good to 70 yards so he would get a shot opertunity before the @$#! head in the blind would.  so about 45 minuts went by and a sigle shooter goat came in behind the guys blind and stood there about  30 yards  staring at this giant noisey box in the middle of the mudd. we where expecting a arrow to come flying out of the blind but it never did, the goat half circled around and left. id say around 12  the guy got out of his blind got his quad picked up his blind and left but not before he relifed himself where the blind was and grabed a can from his quad baggs what i think had to have been starting fluid and sprayed some on the ground and on the closest sagebrush then gave use the bird and pealled out of there. we stayed untill sundown seeing a few more goats nothing to shoot at though, but it was nice to see his plan to sabatosh our hunt didnt work! and when we got back to chads truck parked a mile back on the road we found a nice big crusty luggey on his winshield. he was lucky chad has a high tolerance level and a good head on his shoulders. becase i was about to start a fist fight with this @$$hole and it wasnt even my hunt he was ruining. the had the nerve to set up infront of us after showing up late in the day to stay for 2 hours and then leave, and then trying to sabitosh our hunt with human sent at the water hole!! there is no exusse for that, i have never met another hunter in the feild who has acted like this moron.    has anyone else ever had a unpleasnt experiance with another hunter?    

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the world is full of asses

the world is full of asses like him. im not sure what i would do but i think it would get get real bad. should be first one there . but to many think every thing is theres alone.

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had some trouble with another hunter

Whoa, that really sucks. I've never had any trouble like that myself, just the occasional somebody coming through my stake out spot by accident, etc., but leaving when I whistle at them or they noticed me. Once or twice when I've gone to a location I had planned on and seen somebody there, I just leave and let them be. Antelope hunting, the only others I've run into were quite a ways off and we stayed out of each others territory.

One friend I have had a tussle over a downed deer once though, almost coming to blows over who shot it. The guy eventually backed off. 

Another time in a tree stand a guy came in and sat down at the bottom of my tree, LOL. After a couple minutes I let him know I was there and scared the crap out of him, LOL. He apologized like crazy and left. Usually I don't run into other hunters except on the road or in camp when they come by. Other times I won't see anybody for days.

I hope that is the last of that for your friend.


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1-800-992-3030. That's the

1-800-992-3030. That's the number for Operation Game Thief. Your buddy needs to talk to the area game warden about this turd. It's a little late to use the hot line number but call the local NDOW office & file a report with them. I know several of the wardens in the state & most would take GREAT delight in tuning this idiot up. Give them a good description including any & all equipment he was using (atv brand & color, type of blind, etc.). He's probably a local & has probably been a prick before so he just might be known. We don't need his kind getting a free pass.

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Doesn't sound like he was

Doesn't sound like he was much of a hunter.  Most hunters I run into are respectful of others hunting in the area.  Nevada doesn't have hunter harrassment laws? Good thing nothing worse happeded. Good luck hunting.

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I've seen this happen more

I've seen this happen more times than I care to count and it has even happened to me a couple of times.  The sad thing is that all you can do is go with the flow.  Reporting them usualy doen't do any good since like he said it is public ground and it dosen't matter what time he comes in to set up his blind.  Now if he really wanted to hunt that water hole he should of showed up before daylight like you did but he didn't.  But he didn't need to make a stink about it and once he saw that the water hole was covered should of backed off.  One problem is that there are those kind of hunters all over.  They sleep in, don't like to hike and figure that the world should revolve around them. 

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While you can't expect people

While you can't expect people to act like that all the time, you can expect that if you are hunting public land for antelope, this time of year, that water holes will be prime location for hunters.  So, if it was found by you, you can bet someone else has found it too.....

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I had a slightly different

I had a slightly different experience 2 years ago.  We had scouted the ranch where we have been hunting for 4 years and before sunrise on opening morning, I went to the spot I picked out.  When the sun came up I noticed a group consisting of a grandfather, father and 3 teenage boys lined up along the fence opposite me.  My hunting partner was a good way away and our strategy was that he would try to send the pronghorn in my direction.  Well, he had the pronghorn on the far end of the field from me and then before they were even in range, those 3 teenagers started shooting.  My hunting partner was in the direction they were shooting in and you could clearly see his blaze orange.  I was taught that you never shoot if you can't see what's behind what you are shooting at or if you see orange beyond what you are shooting at.  The 2 older men with those boys should have taught them better. Safety First. And that's all I have to say about that.

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Nasty Hunter

We call them Nasty Hunters. Come to Kansas and you'll see a guy like that driving up and down fence rows and roads honking his horn and yelling and screaming to chase deer away from your stand. We call 911 and in Kansas it's against the law to disrupt a hunter. He gets a ticket,srews up your hunt and starts all over again the next morning. I have found out that those guys are not hunters but it gives us all a bad name. 

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Holy crap! Talk about a POS.

Holy crap! Talk about a POS. I have never quite had that bad of an experience in the field. I've had people act like I heard thier feelings when I waved at them after they walked into the area I was sitting on but nothing like that.

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Slob Hunters

I was hunting with my grandfather on his ranch here in SW Wyoming when we watched a guy drive up to a locked gate, get out and tear off a posted sign and throw it in the sage brush, then take a pair of bolt cutters to the chain, which he also threw in the sage brush. He then proceeded to drive up to us and demanded the we move our truck out of his way or he'd shoot us. My G'Pa was a deputy sheriff at the time so he handled the situation like the proffessional he was. The idiot's truck is still parked in the sagebrush on that same section today, 30 years later. Don't know if the moron learned a lesson or not, but it sure cost him dearly. And I can add that brand new Ford  4X4's don't age well in that environment.

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