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Gun Recommendation

I've never hunted black bear before and this is a rifle I'm considering purchasing for the hunt. Thoughts? 



All feedback is greatly appreciated. 

I plan on hunting in the Cherokee National Forest. 

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You don't mention caliber but

You don't mention caliber but from the link I will presume that you are looking at the .243 and while that caliber will kill a bear I would look at the .270 or even the .30-06 as much better calibers for bears.  The rifle itself does look like a very good starter package.  From looking at the scope it appears that it is a Leupold but don't expect a top of the line scope such as a Leupold on a bargin price rifle package.  Most Leupold scopes will start out around what you are paying for the package.  Most rifle scope packages have a lower line scope such as a Simmons, Tasco, or a low price Bushnell on the rifle.  They are good scopes but problems with them will appear sooner than later. 

I have no idea about hunting in the Cherokee National Forest but there may be someone on here that is familiar with it. 

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You are going after black

You are going after black bear?  My understanding is that .243 is fine.  I use a 30-30... but I'm hunting in Vermont woods and not over long distance. 

Brown (and Grizzly) bear you want something bigger... some people say MUCH bigger.  Basically start at 30-06 and go up from there. 

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I have a 30.0.6 Im testing

I have a 30.0.6 Im testing out on a black bear hunt soon! Ill let you know how it goes lol.

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You won't have any problems

You won't have any problems with a 30-06. I consider it more of an elk round. Most calibers that will kill a deer with kill a black bear. Always with proper shot placement, but that's always true.

A 30-06 is a great choice if you hunt a lot of different game, because of bullet choice.

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Looks like a setup that would

Looks like a setup that would work without a hitch only thing is it looks like your looking at the 243? Personally I don't like the 243 for anything tougher than deer. Now if your concerns involve recoil, I recommend 25-06 or 7mm-08.. Won't notice much of a differences except when the game goes down

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That economy rifle may be

That economy rifle may be adequate. 

Cartridge selection is listed as 270, 30-06 and the little 243.

The 243 is not a bear cartridge.  The others should be provided the correct bullet is chosen.


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How big are the Bears?

How big are the Bears you are planning to hunt? Here in Pennsylvania, 750 pound Black Bears are becoming more common, and I have been charged by a 500 pounder! I carry an original Ruger M77 in .338 Winchester Magnum for longer range, and a Remington 7600 pump in .35 Whelen for heavy cover.


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