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Gun advice

I have settled on my caliber as .375H&H as the hunt will mostly be for plains game and hopefully a big buffalo. My question is the gun maker. I have always used Browning A-bolts for my North American game but was wondering if anyone had any words on the larger caliber such as an .375H&H. Anyone ever used an A-bolt in this caliber? What makers have been used and what are your experinces.

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Gun advice

I have a Weatherby .375 and like it just fine. Cz and Sako also make good guns, with the CZ being a lot cheaper. You can get South African ammo in 300 gr soft and solids fairly cheap off the internet from the Sportsman's guide

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Gun advice

RAKMAN, since you are going to buy a new rifle anyway, the 375H&H is a good choice for what you want it for. The 375 H&H is a very good "ONE RIFLE" for the world. Ammo is available almost anyplace ammo is sold, and hunting is alowed. This doesn't include the recent flurish of "one upsmen" so-called 375 IMPORVEDs like the ULTRAS, and WBYs, and such. They will do nothing better than the old 1912 375 H&H, except burn more powder, hand you more recoil, and cost you more money for the ammo, plus you loose the availability in any country store you have with the H&H.

On the rifle, If you intend shooting only plains game then the Browning, Sako, and Wby rifles are well made! But if you intend useing this rifle for anything that may kill you, or someone in your party, then there is one feature neither of the names above have, and that is CRF, (Control Round Feed) ! Push feeds like the names above do not qualify as DGRs IMO!
Any bolt rifle used for DG (dangerous game) should be of the CRF configuration. Also any rifle used for DG should be equiped with GOOD iron sights, and if scoped, mounted in very well made QD rings, and bases, holding a low powered scope with a very bold reticle. The rifle must feed every time from a full magazine, as fast as you can cycle the bolt, and eject loaded, or empties without fail.
My suggestion would be to look at the CZ 550 which comes in your choice of 375H&H, as well as 416 Rem Mag, 458 Win Mag, and 458LOTT, and is a CRF rifle. You may look for a used Whitworth in 375H&H or 458 win Mag, also a CRF rifle. The Ruger Express is available in 375 H&H, 416 Rigby, 458LOTT, and is a CRF actioned rifle. Any of the true Mauser actioned rifles, would be a perfect choice. My opinion is, since it costs no more to get the CRF actioned rifle, why take a chance on the inferior PF (push Feed) action.
With a good 375 H&H, you can hunt a lot of heavy game in north America as well. Deer hunters on Kodiak Island use 375H&H rifles to hunt deer. the large brown bear there are agressive as heck, and hunting with a little 300 rifle is takeing a chance. Later when you decide to hunt DG in Africa, you can buy another rifle in a true DGR caliber, and use your 375 H&H as back up and be legal for what ever comes your way, even if your big rifle goes out of service!

All this is simply my advice, and not binding on anyone! There certainly is no law that says one cannot hunt dangerous game in Africa, or anywhere else with a PF rifle, but it doesn't make sense when one has the choice not to. This is only "MY" opinion, and is worth exactly what you paid for it. That opinion is backed with some experience if the hunting of dangerous game, and building of rifles for that purpose. It is a free country, and you may use what ever gets your blood flowing, but the above is my best advice!



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