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A Guide to Hunting and Calling Elk (featured article)

September 2005 Feature Article:

Elk Hunting Basics - A Guide to Hunting and Calling Elk

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A Guide to Hunting and Calling Elk (featured article)

I liked the article. One thing I would add though is sometimes when working a bull I've found that copying his calls as closely as possible will get him worked up and coming in.

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A Guide to Hunting and Calling Elk (featured article)

very good read

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A Guide to Hunting and Calling Elk (featured article)

I have found that cow calling while walking is vary effective even when deer hunting. I have had deer come right in at me when cow calling. Last week I had 4 nice buck's come 60 yrds in front of me while I was cow calling and they seemed either interested or just real comfortable like they I was realy an elk! Early morning Locator Bugle works great but be carefull too much can be TOO MUCH!

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A Guide to Hunting and Calling Elk (featured article)

I don't know if other states have two bow seasons like Oregon, but I would love to find a video dedicated to cow hunting. It seems like every video or education resource commits to bull hunting. I can appreciate the bull, but if you don't get one first season in Sept your second hunt in Nov is cow only. I would love to watch a lot of live footage of cows talking in several times of the year. I'd like to learn the language of the cow because for me - finding the cows...lead to the bulls. I'd like to see how their chest move when they chirp vs. estrus whine..I'd love to see a real lost calf calling to its momma...It would help how I would call I think....anyone know of such a video or resource(I'd prefer video over audio, but would take audio). I have heard many humans doing cow calls but very little on real cows making the sounds outside of the ones I come in contact with in the woods....thanks root

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More free elk hunting info

Feel free to stop by our website as well. We offer page upon page of free info that will help you to become a more successful elk hunter.

Good hunting

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Good article... I agree. If you lay on calling to frequently you will scare away any game. Case in point. How often have you been out and actually seen Elk bugling? Not often... especially this late in the rut. Consider the rut over and use calls at a minimum.

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Re: A Guide to Hunting and Calling Elk (featured article)

Good read!!!

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The link to this article doesn't seem to work. Is there a new link for this article? I wanted my friend who is hunting elk with me for the first time to check it out.

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Moose5, the link has been

Moose5, the link has been fixed. You can find the article at the following link:


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great read!!!!

great read!!!!

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